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3 Things To Remember When Renting A Haul Truck For Heavy Equipment Transport

Maybe you have a large loader, small dozer, or another piece of heavy equipment that needs to be hauled to a distant location, but you don't have a way to haul the equipment. Thankfully, you can rent hauling trucks from a lot of different rental companies. If you've never rented a haul truck, there are some things you should know before you take advantage of these valuable services. 

1. You will likely have to pay more for fuel than hauling a typical load. 

Hauling trucks can be quite massive in size, so they will, of course, use quite a bit of fuel no matter what you haul. However, larger loads that weigh more can mean fuel efficiency goes down because the motor works harder to function and pull the load. You should plan to invest quite a bit in fuel for the trip in your rented hauler because of this, so when you are picking a specific company because of price, keep the price of fuel in mind so you can properly budget your funds. 

2. It can be better to find a one-fee rental service for long trips. 

Some haul truck rental services charge you according to the mileage you have to travel in the truck to make the delivery. Some companies will charge you for how many miles you travel or how many hours you run the vehicle in addition to a small flat rate. It can be better to play a flat rate for the rental even if it is a little higher initially or up front. 

3. Look for a company that offers one-way drop-off after use. 

If at all possible, look for a haul truck rental service that grants you a one-way use. Companies that have multiple offices in different cities will often allow you to drive your equipment where it needs to go and drop off the truck at the closest office or station. Haul trucks are more expensive to rent and drive than a regular passenger vehicle, so it would make more sense financially to deliver the equipment, drop of the haul truck, and rent a small car for your drive back home. 

Renting a haul truck can mean the difference between actually getting your equipment transported and not. If you would like to know more about renting a haul truck to carry a heavy load, reach out to a truck rental company in your area.