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Renting Construction Equipment: Errors To Avoid

As you're working hard to make a name for your small but growing construction company, lack of quality equipment may be an obstacle. The best solution for you could be to rent various machines so that you can bid for and complete more projects; this can bring in enough money to grow even bigger. However, these mistakes could give you both a headache and financial problems. Be certain your company avoids any of these errors so renting equipment can help you reach company goals.

1-Ignorance of What is Needed

Perhaps the biggest problem with renting machines is that you wait until you win a bid to think about what precisely is required. You might just imagine you'll rent the equipment necessary, but without knowing what you'll need for the job, you could be hurting yourself financially. For example, if you think you only need forklifts for a certain job that you've taken on, only to discover excavators are also necessary, that will mean you've got to put out more money than you initially expected. This means you probably won't profit as much as you thought you might.

You may also be unsure about the sizes of the equipment you're renting. You may rent a cherry picker truck, for instance, without realizing you need something substantially larger. This will not only mean you're probably going to lose work time as you wait for another machine, but you may also have to pay for both the cherry picker rental and the better machine you need. 

2-Constantly Searching for Drivers

To save money, bare rentals might be what you're considering. This will mean you must work on your own to find drivers and operators for equipment. You or other employees may hold certifications or licenses for various equipment, but to make the rental go smoothly, it could be better to use rental companies that can assist you in getting operators. This way, the person will have only one job to be concerned about and you and your own employees can stick with other tasks. Operators recruited by rental companies work with those machines often, so their expertise can also benefit you.

3-Improper Scheduling

You might just be thinking that you'll rent a machine for a week or so to give yourself enough time to have work done. However, you'll save a lot more cash if you have a strict schedule in place so that you can trim down the amount of time you'll need certain equipment. The machines won't sit idle and you'll be able to return them sooner to the rental company. 

Rentals can save your construction business if you use them wisely. Discuss your goals with peers, local rental companies, and others so you can smartly work with equipment rentals. For more information, contact your local construction equipment rentals service.