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Selecting The Right Crane Hoist Sling For Your Next Construction Project

If your construction company needs to rent a crane and hoist sling for a project, then it is vital that you select the right type of hoist sling to move your building materials from one location to another. Crane hoist slings are made of either synthetic fibers or metal. While a synthetic fiber sling is perfect for moving lighter building materials, a metal sling is necessary for moving more abrasive concrete blocks.

To help you choose the right crane hoist sling for your company's upcoming project, below is some information about each option that you can choose from:

Synthetic Fiber Crane Hoist Slings

There are three types of synthetic fiber slings that are made out of polyester and nylon fibers:

  • web slings
  • rope slings
  • round slings

Synthetic fiber hoist slings are less expensive than those made out of metal and are easier for your crane operator to control while they are in flight. However, synthetic fiber slings are not able to handle abrasive materials and are not repairable if they become damaged on the job site. This makes synthetic fiber slings a good option if you are moving non-abrasive, light, bulky items, such as building insulation or wooden building materials.

Metal Crane Hoist Slings

Metal crane hoist slings are designed to move very heavy and abrasive loads of building materials. They are more expensive than their synthetic fiber cousins, but they have the distinct advantage of being able to be easily repaired on the job site if necessary. Metal crane hoist slings are versatile, durable, and are resistant to weather damage.

Metal crane hoist slings come in three types as well:

  • metal mesh slings
  • wire rope slings
  • chain slings

Of all of the various hoist slings on the market today, meal chain slings are the most durable and are rated to safely lift the heaviest loads. Additionally, chain slings are impervious to damage from heat and rubbing from abrasive building materials. This makes chain hoist slings ideal for moving large cement loads, such as septic tanks and underground fuel tanks. Chain slings are also ideal for moving excessively heavy loads such as plate and I-beam steel.


Now that you understand the different types of crane hoist slings and their various applications, you can be assured that you select the right hoists for your future construction projects. For further information, you can speak with the crane company to ensure that you are renting the safest sling option for your unique needs.