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Moving Your Furniture Into A High-Rise Apartment

Moving furniture and appliances can be one of the most challenging tasks if you live in a high-rise apartment. Rather than try to drag your furniture all the way up the stairs, risking injury or damage to your furniture, you should instead consider hiring a crane service that can bypass the very tight spaces you'd otherwise have to navigate. Instead, your furniture can be placed on your balcony or carried directly through your window. Also, if you own an older home that has stairs that are not very wide, you might need a crane.

Moving It Yourself

If you'd like to first try moving the furniture up the stairs yourself, you will need to cover your furniture completely with blankets and then wrap the blankets tightly to the furniture with plastic wrap. Then, you will need to get a lifting buddy who can help you carry the furniture after securing lifting straps to the bottom of it. The straps support the weight of the furniture and also free your hands for guiding the furniture.

Hiring a Crane Service

Before you hire a crane service, perform accurate measurements to verify that you would be able to fit your furniture through a window or the doorway of a balcony. If not, you might want to reconsider how important the piece of furniture is. Still, it is worth asking a furniture crane service to visit your home to estimate whether they will be able to somehow fit your furniture in. When consulting with your landlord, you may receive permission to remove a door or sash so that the furniture is able to fit.

Choosing Between a Hoist and Hydraulic Crane

Furniture can be lifted using a furniture hoist, also called a furniture crane. If the furniture is heavier than 250 pounds, it may be necessary to use a hydraulic crane. Other hoists must place the furniture on the railing or window frame at some point, but doing so can cause damage. Also, a hoist is usually only able to reach the fourth or fifth floor at best, so it may be necessary to use a hydraulic crane.

Protecting Your Furniture

When your item is transported by crane, it needs to be covered with protective pads to make sure that the furniture is not damaged on the way up. The cost of the padding is usually added to the bill. Therefore, the more items that you will have hoisted up by crane, the more expensive the whole process will be. To learn more, speak with a business like A C Jones Trucking Inc.