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Four Sources For Used Heavy Construction Equipment

Are you interested in procuring used heavy construction equipment? If you want to save money on your equipment purchases, it's usually the best way; used heavy construction equipment will often still have a significantly long usable life and will be vastly under-priced compared to newer models. Still, it can be difficult to find used heavy construction equipment. To get the best heavy construction equipment, you may want to check the following markets.

1. Government Auctions

When government jobs are completed they may occasionally auction off heavy construction equipment that is no longer necessary. This equipment could be unneeded because a particular department has been downsized or because the fleet has been renovated. Either way, the government will often attempt to recoup their budget through an auction. Look at county auctions frequently if there are items that you need. 

2. Online Classifieds

Believe it or not, used heavy construction equipment is sold on consumer sites. In fact, you can usually get a good deal through online classifieds and even auction sites. But there is a caveat: when you purchase construction equipment through online classifieds, you need to figure out how to actually get it to your work site. This may not be a trivial task if it's in another state altogether. 

3. Other Construction Companies

Don't be afraid to call around to ask other companies if they are thinking of selling some of their older equipment. They will often welcome the ability to unload some of their equipment without having to go through the arduous process of first finding a buyer. Used construction equipment is a rather small niche -- sometimes it's easier for companies to hold on to their old equipment than to secure a buyer. 

4. Rental Services

Heavy construction rental companies will often sell the models of construction equipment that they no longer use. If you don't want to rent a piece of equipment, you can instead ask them if they have anything for sale on their lot. They may even be able to put you on a wait list and call you should the item that you want come up. And, of course, even if they don't have the item for sale, you may be able to lease it. 

If you still can't find heavy construction equipment, you might want to consider contacting the manufacturer to find more information. Often you can get discounts or financing on new models -- or the manufacturer may still have older models in stock that they are looking to unload.