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Renting Heavy Equipment For Your Project? Be Sure To Ask These Three Questions

If you have a significant amount of property and a major outdoor project to get completed, it's worth considering renting a piece of heavy equipment. Whether you need a backhoe, loader or bulldozer, talking to a heavy equipment rental company and finding the right piece of machinery for your job can help to get the work done quickly and correctly. During your pre-rental discussion, you'll likely have some basic questions about the price and length of the rental and whether it comes with an operator, but there are a handful of other questions to ask to ensure you're as informed as possible. Here are three other questions to discuss.

Beyond The Rental Price, What Other Fees Will I Pay?

Although you'll likely be focusing on the rental price for renting the piece of heavy equipment, don't be afraid of asking if there are any additional fees that you'll need to work into your budget for the project. You might have extra fees for the delivery and pickup of the equipment or for the use of the machine's gas. Having an operator included in your rental will also often change the price, so be sure you have a full understanding of exactly how much you'll be paying before you sign the rental agreement.

Is There A Better Machine For My Job?

Unless you're experienced in dealing with heavy equipment, it's worthwhile asking a rental agent, like those at Sound Equipment Rentals & Sales, about his or her recommendations about the machine you plan to rent. For example, if you're wanting to grade a large area of your backyard, you might have your mind set on a bulldozer. By asking this question, however, the rental agent could shift your focus to another type of machine, such as a tractor with a grading blade. Considering other types of machinery could lead you to renting something that will cost less money or get the job done quicker.

What Happens If It's Raining Heavily On The Day Of My Rental?

Although heavy equipment can typically be operated when it's raining, prolonged periods of heavy rain can cause your yard to become muddy and make the project difficult or even risk the machine getting stuck. Given that you can't control the weather, it's useful to talk to the rental agent about how to proceed during periods of heavy rain, regardless of whether you need the machine for just one day or are renting it for several days.